Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Warranty

Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Warranty

Liquasil Ltd is owned by building surveyors and we’ve been taking a good hard look at roof coatings warranties.

We wanted something that would not only satisfy our needs as a roof coatings manufacturer, but would also satisfy the most diligent of architects and building surveyors and give them the confidence to specify our products, knowing the warranty we supply is actually worth more than the paper it’s written on.

We’ve highlighted below the various types of warranty that are generally available for roof coatings supplied to the UK market and compared it to our unique single point, materials and workmanship warranty.

We know there’s plenty of choice for coatings specifiers so we have addressed all of the concerns to provide the best warranty on the market.

Our new single point, latent defects warranty covers the entire installation, so in the event of a claim at any stage during the policy term, everything is covered, materials, access, labour and even professional project management fees!

What’s more, the unique Liquasil warranty is index linked, so the level of cover provided actually increases each year ,
meaning you’ll never be caught out by inflation.

This is just one example that is helping to set Liquasil apart from all of the competition.

No other roof coating manufacturer offers this level of protection for its customers as standard.

Product-Only Warranties

When a product warranty is offered on a roof coating, it specifically excludes labour and access costs as well as any fault or condition of the substrate to which it is applied.

By their nature, product-only warranties are extremely limited and provide little reassurance to clients.


The most common causes of failure of an installed product are:

  • Insufficient surface preparation
  • Application in wet or damp conditions
  • Issues with substrate
  • Insufficient film weights (spreading the coating too far and too thinly)

None of these will be covered by a product-only warranty and therefore have extremely little or no value.

Insurance Backed Warranties

It is often believed that Insurance Backed Warranties offer some extra protection to clients, over and above a product-only warranty.

This isn’t necessarily the case though.

An Insurance Backed Warranty is really only providing cover against an installer going into liquidation and therefore can only pay out in the event of this happening.

This also assumes that the installer is offering the the same length of guarantee on their workmanship, as the product manufacturer.

It is not offering warranty cover as such – it simply supports a manufacturer’s warranty that might already be in place – including all of the exclusions!

Insurance backed guarantees can be purchased by the contractor to support an installation from as little as £25 which is probably an indication of the level of cover you might receive.

Other policy premiums might be based on a percentage of the contract value, but be careful, the level of cover might not be as good as you think!

Liquasil’s Single Point Warranty

Materials, Workmanship & Safe Access – 100% Cover As Standard!

As a progressive roof coatings manufacturer, we want the professional specifier to have complete confidence in our products, so we provide a single-point warranty that covers your entire installation to provide total peace of mind.

We train our installers personally, to ensure a consistent, high quality installation that allows us to offer this unique roof coatings warranty.

The Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Warranty

Underwritten by an A-Rated, Lloyds of London construction industry insurer to provide superior protection to building building owners, tenants, facilities managers, surveyors and architects.

The Liquasil Single Point Warranty is included as standard on most projects

For the first two years, the installation will be covered by Liquasil and your installer. After two years, your installation will be covered by our insurer for the entire policy term.

For more information, please contact us on 0121 709 5352.

If you are a professional specifier, we’ll be happy to conduct one of our Accredited CPD training sessions for you – and explain our unique roof coatings warranty in more detail.

The Liquasil Single Point, Latent Defects, Insurance Warranty is issued as standard on full roof coating & larger gutter lining and cut edge corrosion treatment installations carried out by
pre-vetted Liquasil Approved Installers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are researching which roof coating to use or specify for use on commercial or industrial property, we strongly recommend that you take a closer look at the warranties on offer.

Our building surveyors worked closely with a team from one of the UK's most prominent warranty insurers and directly with the underwriters to develop a product that beats all other roof and cladding coating product warranties hands-down.

Don't just take our word for it - ask to see the warranties offered by our competitors and you'll soon see that nothing comes close to what we offer as standard.

Liquasil is leading the way in coatings and now we're leading the market with our unique warranty.

Is The Warranty Compulsory?

We make the Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee compulsory on larger projects requiring £2500 worth of materials or greater, as this provides clients with complete & superior cover.

Is There A Cost?

Yes, the premium is included for in the installer's materials invoice and is calculated by Liquasil as a percentage of the total insured value.

What Is The Cost?

The cost of the unique Liquasil warranty is based on a percentage of the insured value which can be cheaper than some Insurance Backed Warranties which offer very limited cover.

Are Jobs Inspected?

Yes. Insured projects are audited by Liquasil's qualified building surveyors in most cases. Where the policy cover value exceeds £100,000, the insurer performs the inspections.

Is There A Cost For Inspection?

No. Unlike a typical Insurance Backed Warranty, our warranty insurer does not charge for project audits and neither do we. Everything is included in the policy premium.

What Is Covered On The Warranty?

Just about everything is covered. Labour, materials, safe access and even professional fees if the project is professionally managed. We've thought of everything!

When Does The Warranty Policy Start?

For the first two years, your installer will be responsible for warranty issues. After two years from completion, all warranty liability transfers to the warranty insurer.

What Happens If The Installer Goes Bust?

If an installer should cease trading within the first two years, liability for the warranty transfers directly to the insurer - you're fully covered at all times.

Is An Excess Payable?

Yes, there is a policy excess payable for any claim against the insurer and this is a standard feature of this type of insured warranty. Excesses vary according to project value.

Can A Smaller Project Be Covered?

It is possible to include our insurance warranty on smaller projects as long as this is requested at the same time materials are ordered, subject to the insurer's acceptance.

Who Can Offer The Liquasil Warranty?

Only Liquasil Approved Installers can provide the Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee. If in doubt, please contact us.

How Exclusive Is This Warranty?

As far as we know, no other roof coatings manufacturer offers a latent defects insured warranty. In any case, this policy was designed by and written for Liquasil.

Is This Warranty Available Outside The UK?

At present, cover is limited to UK installations, but we may be able to look at an individual policy for other countries, depending on size of the project.

How Long Are The Warranties For?

We provide latent defects warranties on all of our systems and the period of cover varies depending on the installation type and value. Please call us for details.

Is The Warranty Transferrable?

Yes and better still, there's no need to inform the insurer or Liquasil in order for the warranty to transfer as the warranty is issued against the building, not the owner or occupier.

Why Don't All Manufacturers Offer This?

There are many reasons- it's expensive & complicated to set up. Most companies don't have a real approved installer base. Many won't pass the stringent quality control inspections because they don't make their own products, or they import from elsewhere.

Do All Installers Offer This Warranty?

Most of our approved installers do supply the Liquasil warranty as standard, but for various reasons, some are not able to do so. If in doubt, call us on 0121 709 5352.

Does Warranty Cover Decrease Each Year?

Our warranty is index-linked and cover value actually increases each year. Beware of inferior product-only warranties that reduce in value year on year.