RAL Colours

Liquasil silicone roof coatings are available in any RAL colour subject to minimum ordering quantities of just 100 litres.

This means roofs of 300+ sq metres can now be coloured, you don’t have to stick with grey or black!

Even our Liquasil One liquid gutter liner and Flexlap cut edge corrosion top coat can be produced in any RAL colour.

In these cases, you’ll need a gutter of 100 sq metres total area and for the Cut Edge Corrosion system, approximately 1200 linear metres.

No other roof coatings manufacturer allows you to order special RAL colours in such small quantities – in fact, most other roof coatings only come in grey, black or white!

If you or your client has a need to prepare a building in its corporate colours, Liquasil is the only silicone roof coatings manufacturer that can help. Just let us know the RAL colour and we can match it, even providing a free laboratory sample for approval before the order is placed.

The way we colour our unique silicone polymers means that they will be largely unaffected by UV light.

Even the more difficult colours like strong reds and blues will retain their colour for many years and will never completely fade, far outlasting any other coloured roof coating.

Did we mention that RAL colours cost no more than our standard greys?

This is just one more reason to consider Liquasil silicone roof coatings for the protection of your buildings.

Please note that the colour chart is only a representation and because colours will appear differently depending on the device they are being viewed on, are likely to vary.
Therefore, please do not rely on this colour chart to select your colour.

For more information about our liquid roof solutions in any RAL colour, please call 0121 709 5352 and we’ll be pleased to assist.