Metal Roof Coating System

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Metalseal metal roof coating system from Liquasil is a brand-new, British innovation in silicone technology that out-performs other coatings in several key areas.

This is the first, full metal roof coating system to be made from a specially formulated polymer to provide a hardened finish that actively repels water, resists environmental dirt pick-up and prevents the build up of unsightly moss and lichen growth.

If you are involved in specifying metal roof coatings as a building surveyor or architect, it’s time to consider a cost effective alternative to the usual cladding paints that have traditionally been used to date.

Metalseal is designed by Chartered Building Surveyors to provide you with not only a decorative finish, but also a protective finish that will ensure your clients’ buildings will stay looking good for longer, yet will often cost no more than a cladding paint!

Why Use Metalseal?

  • Ecomomical – mostly applied in a single coat 
  • Easier Preparation – our corrosion treatment is applied directly to red rust (angle grinders not required!)
  • Fast Application – the airless spray version can be installed at the rate of 2-400 sq metres per day
  • Can be installed (and cured) at lower temperatures (-5°c)
  • Remains flexible from -60°c to +200°c – more than enough to cope with thermal movement
  • Can be used with our cut edge corrosion treatment
  • Made in England
  • Designed by Chartered Building Surveyors
  • Available in any RAL colour
  • Unique, hardened silicone technology – made for metal roofs
  • Single-point, latent defects insurance warranty as standard (via approved installers)

Metalseal Versions

Metalseal SF (solvent-free) is more suited for for brush / roller application and Metalseal 20 is designed for optimum application by airless spray.

Designed by our own building surveyors and chemists to overcome the problems associated with some coatings, Metalseal includes components of our cut edge corrosion system, so will add years to the life of your metal profiled roof and keep it looking its best.

The finish achieved with Metalseal rivals anything on the market and has the advantage of having superior protective properties and what’s more, it’s available in any RAL colour, subject to minimum ordering requirements of just 100 litres, which will provide approximate coverage of 300 sq metres.

For those buildings that are sensitive to fumes (food preparation, healthcare etc.), we recommend using the solvent free version which is brush or roller applied.

Unlike other coatings, there’s no need to switch off sensitive air handling equipment during installation, since there is no solvent smell or obnoxious fumes.

On certain substrates, including plastic fixing caps, rusted substrate and newer plastisol finishes, an additional primer or adhesion promoter may be required and of course, we have a range of options available to you.

Guarantee Information

Metalseal is the fist metal roof coating system to come with a Latent Defects, Insurance Warranty as standard on all full-roof installations with a contract value of £10,000 or more.

This unique, single-point warranty covers materials, labour and access for the full term of the warranty.

This warranty offers far greater protection than a typical Insurance Backed Warranty – and it’s included as standard!

Why Coat A Metal Roof?

The condition of a metal roof can deteriorate quickly if it is not cleaned and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Unfortunately, the cleaning and maintenance regimes are often ignored by building owners and tenants – it’s a case of if you can’t see it, the problem doesn’t exist.

The lack of maintenance can lead to the build up of dirt, debris, moss, lichen and mould, which not only affects the appearance, but can also lead to the breakdown of the original coating.

Where these dirt, moss and lichen is allowed to accumulate, it retains moisture in the affected areas which can lead to corrosion of the roof sheets.

In the majority of cases where we see delamination of the original coating on metal sheets, it’s caused by lack of maintenance. The same is true of cut edge corrosion.

Cleaning down the roof, removing the old coating and applying Metalseal, will add many years to the life of an old metal roof.

The Metalseal metal roof coating has been designed to resist moss and lichen growth. The specially hardened silicone will repel water and will stay cleaner longer than a traditional roof or cladding paint.

The unique formulation of Metalseal means that it can mostly be applied in a single coat, which makes the product very economical to use.

How To Avoid Having To Coat A Metal Roof

It is possible to avoid the cost of re-coating a metal roof and in order to do this we strongly recommend the following actions:

  • Remove debris from the roof and wash any areas where debris was present
  • Remove fungal growth using fungicidal wash or detergents
  • Quickly attend to any physical damage to the roof sheet or its coating to prevent rusting
  • Remove masking tapes or strippable films promptly. If they are hard to remove, use WD40 or similar and then wash the affected areas
  • Replace missing or faulty fixings and/or caps
  • Attend to cut edge corrosion as soon as it is noticed
  • Use reputable installers of flue and ventilation equipment to ensure penetrations are properly handled and treated

 Over-spray Caution

When applying Metalseal (and any other metal roof coating), it is possible that the atomised product could be lifted in small gusts of wind during application, resulting in over-spray to buildings and vehicles.

The close proximity of vehicles should be considered when spray applying roof coatings and efforts made to reduce the risk of contamination of vehicles and property.

Seagulls & Vermin

Most coatings companies won’t tell you this, but seagulls, squirrels and mice can attack coated surfaces when allowed to nest on roofs. This can lead to surface damage, so an annual maintenance regime should be put in place with your installer to allow the over-coating of affected areas.

Additionally, seagull guano can stain the coated surface if left for long periods. We therefore recommend annual power-washing of roofs in seagull affected areas.

More Information

If you are a building owner, tenant, property manager or roofing contractor and would like to learn more about the unique qualities of the Metalseal metal roof coating system, please call us on 0121 709 5352 and we’ll happy to answer any questions for you or point you in the right direction of competent and experienced applicators.

Specifier Downloads

MSDS Safety Data Information Metalseal 20 MSDS

NBS Specification  Metalseal NBS Specification – (Click to download .zip file then double click to open in NBS)

Airless Spray Instructions  Airless Spray Instructions