Gutterseal Liquid Gutter Lining

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Liquasil’s industrial and commercial liquid gutter lining comes with the unique Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee* and is available for a number of different gutter types, including those made from asbestos cement, metal, concrete and some single-ply systems.

Being silicone based, the liner system will create a complete and seamless lining that will eliminate leaks.

We call our gutter lining system “Gutterseal” – a generic name to encompass the entire system, though it is made up of a small number of component parts.

Commercial property gutter systems often cause difficulties as they age and each type has their own specific issues.

Common to all however, is leakage at the joints and for this reason, we have included our Non-Sag Sealer within the Gutterseal system to eliminate joint leaks at their source, without the need to remove any fixings or replace rotted seals.

The process for installing the Liquasil liquid gutter lining is:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the gutter, particularly at the joints
  • Scrape/brush away all loose and flaking materials 
  • Apply Liquasil corrosion treatment to all areas affected by rust
  • Apply Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer to all joints (also fills small holes and cracks)
  • Apply one coat of Liquasil One liquid gutter liner to entire length of gutter

Once installed, the gutter will no longer leak and because the liner is adhered directly to the substrate, it will not lift, crease, crack, peel or otherwise deteriorate.

As with all gutter systems, regular cleaning of the gutters will ensure that they remain free-flowing at all times. As long as dirt and debris is not allowed to accumulate within the newly lined gutter, nothing will grow on the surface.

* The Liquasil liquid gutter lining system, when installed by one of our approved installer, comes with our Latent Defects Insurance Warranty as standard on all installations of more than 75 sq metres in size.

Please note that certain plastic based substrates may require the use an additional adherence promoter which is supplied free of charge when your installation is carried out by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

Liquasil One MSDS Non-Sag Sealer MSDS

Physical or Liquid Gutter Liner?

The difference between a physical gutter liner and a liquid liner is that the physical liner is essentially a gutter within a gutter, whereas the liquid liner is something that actually bonds to the surface.

We believe our liquid gutter liner is often the best option for resealing industrial and commercial gutters, but there are some circumstances where it may be more desirable to install a physical gutter liner instead.

Physical gutter liners are usually made from a plastic based material that is made to measure for each installation and then rolled out in-situ.

The main advantage of such a system is that no structural or other repair is necessary to the original gutter before installation. This speeds up installation, especially on larger girth gutters.

In most cases, outlets (even siphonic outlets), corners and T-Junctions will be custom-moulded by the manufacturer and the gutter itself supplied on a seamless roll.  The gutter lining is usually held in place with clips.

With a liquid liner, such as Gutterseal from Liquasil, the gutter is first cleaned and then dried thoroughly. Surface rust is treated and all joints and holes are sealed before the liquid liner is brushed or rolled into the gutter.

The liner dries in just a few hours and is fully cured in a day or two depending on the weather and temperature, to form a seamless, fully bonded liner that becomes part of the original gutter.

As you can see, each type of gutter liner has its advantages and disadvantages.

For more details on the Gutterseal system, please contact us or one of our approved installers who will be pleased to help.

If you’re looking for a physical gutter liner, we (and our building surveyors) recommend Gutterline from HD Sharman – a BBA approved liner with a 25 year warranty.