Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

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Liquasil’s cut edge corrosion system actually treats rust on metal roofs and cladding and does so in a different way than you might be used to.

We question the logic of sealing overlapping roof sheets and our discussions with metallurgists and roofers back up our assumptions.

Consequently, the Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatment system has been designed to avoid sealing gaps in overlapping roof sheets.

This results in a far easier application method, significant material and labour savings and an altogether more robust solution to cut edge corrosion problems.

Installers love it for the sheer simplicity and clients love it because it saves them money.

Liquasil Ltd is owned by building surveyors and our liquid roofing solutions are designed to actually solve the problems associated with commercial roofs.

The Liquasil Cut Edge Corrosion System is so good  that all larger installations come with a full latent defects insurance guarantee as standard, when installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

Please take a look at the video opposite and you’ll soon understand why we are so resolute in our approach.

If you are a surveyor and absolutely want to seal the gaps on the overlapping roof sheets, we do have a product called “Lapsil” that will do the trick, but please note, installations with sealed overlaps are excluded from our guarantee, because our insurers agree they should not be sealed.

For a more reasoned approach, contact Liquasil Ltd on 0121 709 5352.

Flexlap MSDS

Corrosion Primer MSDS

Lapsil Overlap Sealer

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Sealing Gaps When Treating Cut Edge Corrosion?

Sealing Gaps When Treating Cut Edge Corrosion?

Some coatings manufacturers specify sealing gaps between overlapping roof sheets when using their cut edge corrosion systems.

Surveyors and architects have typically followed this advice without questioning the possible adverse, longer term effects of sealing them.

At Liquasil, we do things differently because we are owned by Chartered Building Surveyors who understand the pathology of commercial roofing systems better than most.


For this reason, we’ve included below a video taken from a dilapidations survey on a roof previously treated with a well-known cut edge corrosion treatment.

Judge for yourself whether or not you should be sealing gaps on overlapping roof sheets.

We think there’s a better, cheaper and better looking alternative. It’s called Flexlap, from Liquasil.