Cladding Coating

Metalseal roof & cladding coatingCladding Coating by Liquasil

If you’re looking for a durable and attractive cladding coating, Metalseal and Asbestoseal can be used on metal and asbestos cement cladding, as well as on roofs and there are several reasons that you might consider using these products.

Being made from Silicone, our cladding coating is far more flexible than ordinary cladding paints and will easily withstand thermal movement experienced in the UK.

Highly water repellent, rain simply beads and drips off quickly, so can cause no damage to the surface.

If your building is prone to graffiti attacks, the news just gets better, because paint and marker pen washes off easily with water and little household detergent, or power washing.

That in itself, should be enough to convince most building owners to opt for our cladding coating, but when you consider the warranty on offer, Liquasil becomes a compelling choice.


Liquasil is the only cladding coating manufacturer to provide a full Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee as standard.

Other cladding coating manufacturers can’t offer the same level of cover, as they tend to sell via merchants and therefore have no control over who installs their product.

Our products can only be installed by Liquasil Approved Installers who have undergone our training and passed our demanding quality control standards.

Each job is inspected either by our warranty insurer or our own surveyors at stages during installation, which is a further check on the quality of the installation.


You might think that coating cladding with Liquasil is an expensive option, but when you consider that all other cladding coatings require at least two coats, both Asbestoseal and Metalseal are single-coat applications and therefore, it is often more economical to use Liquasil cladding coatings than it is to use cheap looking cladding paints.

Rust is often an issue on metal cladding in particular and part of our cladding solution is to provide, as part of the system, the Liquasil Corrosion Primer. This is applied directly to red rust, once any loose and flaking materials are removed, to provide a highly effective barrier against further rusting, before Metalseal is applied.


As with our roof coatings, we can provide any RAL colour in Metalseal and Asbestoseal, so whatever colour scheme you want for your cladding coating, Liquasil can provide it – we can even match corporate colour schemes for larger installations at no extra cost!

Liquasil Ltd goes the extra mile when it comes to helping architects, surveyors, landlords and property managers, so if you are about to specify a cladding coating as part of an industrial unit (or estate) refurbishment project, please call 0121 709 5352 and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.